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Best Places to Live in Manchester

So, you are thinking about moving to the lovely town of Manchester and let us tell you – this area is unique. Manchester is a very exciting city in every meaning – culturally, architecturally, and let’s not forget that this UK area is the home of two of the country’s biggest football teams: Manchester United and Manchester City.

Now, with all of those lovely things in mind, how do you decide on a neighbourhood? No worries, this is where we come in. In this article, you’ll find information on the best places to live in Manchester.

No matter if you are:

  • A future Manchester student;
  • Still on the fence of moving to the city and looking for more information;
  • People researching where to live in Manchester;
  • Or just curious about the area.

We got you covered.

Table of Contents:

Nice areas to live in Manchester


Didsbury has considered the typical family suburb with its many parks and family-friendly venues. The Beaver Road Primary School and St Catherine’s are one of the most preferred schools in Manchester as a whole. Once you get there you will see that almost everything is catered to fit the needs of young families, looking for a secure life. There are a pretty reasonable house-market and a couple of apartment buildings suitable for young professionals and people looking to live alone. It’s well-connected to other parts of Manchester, thanks to 4 Metrolink stations.


If you are looking for a busy and lively area to live in, Deansgate is a good оption. It’s located right in the centre of the city and has everything you could ever need – bars, clubs, shopping centres, restaurants, and etc. Moving around is also very easy. You can choose to travel by bus, train or tram, whatever is more convenient for you.


For those of you with on the search for a quieter life with low property prices and a lot of green space, Burnage is the place to go. There are a lot of good schools in this part of Manchester, which makes it ideal for people with children. In terms of transportation, Burnage has its’ own train station that you can use. Overall, this neighbourhood is the best of both worlds – it’s in the city centre and it’s quite.


Don’t fancy the idea of moving to central Manchester? Well, why not move to Chorlton then? In recent years more and more young families and professionals are flocking to settle down and build their life. This area has it’s very own town centre with a lovely park, a huge library and many shops. The properties there are modern and their prices – low. You can find many trendy bars and small, yet charming restaurants and cafés. The main form of transportation in Choltron is by bus, but you can use the tram as well.


Another area in Manchester which not located in the exact centre of the city, but still quite popular, is Levenshulme. This part of the city is famous for being ethnically diverse, so if you are feeling adventures and want to try a new dish, you can visit one of the many Indian or Pakistani restaurants. Transportation is also easy – you have convenient rail links and travelling by bus is also an option.

Have you decided?

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The Rough Parts of Manchester

Now that we’ve covered the good parts of the city, it’s time to talk a little bit about the bad ones. Like with any other big city, there are areas with higher crime rates, theft, and etc. For your convenience, we have listed them below:

  • Longsight;
  • Gorton;
  • Cheetham Hill;
  • Moss Side;
  • Hulme;
  • Openshaw.

Of course, these are just statistics. There isn’t really a single best place to live in Manchester, it’s all a matter of preferences and personal needs. We recommend that you check what each neighbourhood can give you, ask for some tips from the local people and spend a couple of days there to see how you feel. After that, you can make a much wiser decision.


  • Living far from the centre doesn’t always mean that you save money. Many times the price of transport combined with your rent can cost you more than living in the centre of Manchester.
  • If you have children, it’s best to look for properties in the suburbs of the city – you’ll find a lot of green spaces and good schools there.
  • While on the hunt for the best place to live in Manchester, we recommend spending a few days in the area to really see how you feel about it.


We hope you found our nifty article helpful and like always – don’t forget to leave your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

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