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Cost of living in Manchester

If you have decided to move to a different city, being aware of the job opportunities, salaries and overall cost of living, is super important. Researching this information prior to the relocation can make your life a lot easier.

So if you are someone who:

  • Is “on the fence” about moving to Manchester;
  • Is wondering what are the bills and salaries in this city;
  • Is a future Manchester student and need to plan your finances properly.

Then this short guide about the cost of living in Manchester is just the one for you!

Table of Contents:

Salaries and the Job Market in Manchester

The overall job market in Manchester is quite diverse and offers a lot of opportunities in various fields. There is a fair number of production plants, clothing brands and food products that are being produced in the city so that people can have a choice when searching for a job.

The only problem you might face is if you are a recent graduate. Without any experience in the field, you are specialized, it might be a bit difficult to compare and compete with other people who have been around longer. Still, one can always look for internships as big companies are always searching for people to go and work for free. For some time, you might not be able to support yourself but you will gain a lot of experience and see that after this, it can be a lot easier to find a good-paying full-time job.

The average annual wage in Manchester is £27,136 according to a study in 2019. The most popular professions are “Teaching Assistant”, “Software Developer” and “Software Engineer”. You can probably notice that it’s a bit lower than the one in London, for example, but you need to take in account that the cost of living is a lot lower, as well, to compensate.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at…

Cost of Utility Bills in Manchester

To make things easier, we will present you a shortlist with all the general costs you might have while living in Manchester.

  1. Fuel – £1,254 per year
  2. Gas for a one or two-bedroom flat per month – £33
  3. Basic utility bills for 85m2 flat – £150, including water, electricity, garbage, heating and cooling costs.
  4. Broadband that is not fibre – £30

Average Rent in Manchester

Luckily for anyone who has decided, Manchester is actually considered to be one of the cheapest areas to rent in the UK, especially if you don’t mind being away from the centre. If you are wondering which region will best suit your needs, check our other article about the best places to live in Manchester.

In summary, the biggest competition for flats is in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, but because of the constantly moving students, there is always an affordable place you can grab. There are also a lot of new buildings being made so that the choice is even bigger.

Wherever you choose, Manchester still remains a fairly small city with good transportation options so that you are always 10 minutes away from the action.

Apartment Renting Costs

Here is a shortlist of the approximate flat prices per month:

  • Single bedroom flat outside of the Centre – £600
  • Three bedrooms flat outside of the Centre – £900
  • Single bedroom flat in City Centre – £800
  • Three bedrooms flat in City Centre – £1,400

On top of the rent, you will have to pay there is also the council tax that is usually around £80. If you intend to live alone, you can apply for a special discount with the council. There is also the insurance of tenant’s contents that is £10 – £15.

Carefully think about your priorities. Look at where your possible job or university will be and consider being closer to that, rather than living in the centre and paying almost double.

House Renting Costs

Houses are a good option for students that will come in groups or families. Again, it mainly depends on the area you will live in and the overall quality of the neighbourhood. Roughly, a 3 bedroom house will be around £900 a month. One with 4 to 5 bedrooms can go up to £1300 per month.

The average cost of a house in Manchester

If you had enough of your landlords’ demands, the constant moving and the uncertainty of a rented property, it may be time to buy your own home. The average price for a house in Manchester is roughly £195,000. If you have already decided that Manchester is your one true home, go for it. Chances are that soon your investment will be covered, because of the fast pace with which the city is growing.


  • Living in the centre might be more tempting but it’s still a bit more expensive than living in the outskirts of town.
  • The cost of living is generally a lot lower than that in the capital so if you are moving from London, you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if looking to buy a house.

If you are a student, find some flatmates before you start searching for a place to rent. It’s way more fun and cheaper to live with someone else!


What was the most expensive thing you payed for in Manchester? Share that experience in the comments.

Image source: depositphotos / sakhanphotography

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