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Where to live in Liverpool

When we are moving away, most of the time, we are diving into the unknown with the hope that everything will fall into place eventually. Especially, if it is our first ever relocation. If you have decided on Liverpool to be your new home, then, it’s important to take a moment and think about what your options are. 

Many people recommend the south of the city that is filled with many areas, rich in trees, parks, and overall family tranquillity. However, everyone is searching for a different thing.

So, whether you are:

  • A future Liverpool student; 
  • Someone who is on the fence about moving to Liverpool; 
  • Someone who is curious about life in Liverpool.

Then, this is the article for you. Through statistics, we will explore the best areas to live in Liverpool along with the ones that people tend to avoid.

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Best areas to live in Liverpool


This area is very comfortably placed close to the centre (20 minutes away), the beach and the countryside! You get the best of all three worlds. It also has a lot of popular private schools and it’s often praised for the variety of activities people of all ages can engage in. The town is full of pubs and restaurants, parks, theatres, shops, sports centres, clubs and offers plenty of other low-cost fun activities. Crosby is one of the oldest and most historical regions of Liverpool, so it’s naturally filled with a lot of impressive properties. The average price for a house is around £271,232.


Considered to be one of the best places to live in the UK in general, Aigburth can be classified as a more villagey, boho type of area. This is where people can enjoy craft markets, birds chirping in the parks and overall peaceful life, while still being well connected to the rest of the region. There is a station that goes to Liverpool Moorfields every 10/15 minutes and many other bus lines that you can use, as well. There are a couple of good schools, as well, so if you are a family person, you shouldn’t worry about your kids’ education. 

Due to the high demand in recent years, a lot of grand Victorian houses have been turned into flats in order to fit more people but there are still plenty of properties that you can buy. An average 3 bedroom semi-detached house is around £325,000.


Woolton was actually a separate village up until 1913 when it finally joined the rest of Liverpool’s boroughs. It’s considered by many people as a prestigious middle-class suburb that is most suitable for families and people looking to escape from the urban lifestyle of the big city. It’s a place with a lot of Beatles landmarks, such as Lennon’s childhood home and the place where he and Paul McCartney met for the first time. Because of this, you may encounter a lot more tourists than in other areas in Liverpool but still, that doesn’t make Woolton a tourist place in general. There are well-rated primary and secondary schools, such as the St. Julie’s Catholic High School or the Bishop Martin C. E. Primary School, lots of public parks, a cinema, restaurants,  interesting pubs and places that play live music on a regular basis. In terms of transport, there are bus lines connecting Woolton to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, neighbouring districts, the city centre and the wider Liverpool area.

The average price for a 3 bedroom property is around £215,000.


Allerton is located 3 miles southeast from Liverpool city centre and it looks like everything is centred around its main street Allerton Road. This road is filled with high-rated restaurants, small pubs, bookstores and many small craft stores. 

Allerton has a lot of prestigious large houses in the Calderstones Park area, which offers a number of sites and activities for all ages, such as a botanical garden, a playground, places of historical interest and a lovely lake. For people with children, there are many well-rated schools with the most popular ones being Much Woolton Catholic Primary School, Carleton House Preparatory School and Beechenhurst School. 

When you need to travel, you can choose from two railway stations: West Allerton on Booker Avenue and Liverpool South Parkway that is on the border of Allerton and Garston. Both have direct lines to the city centre and Manchester, however, South Parkway also offers a direct line to Birmingham, Southport and Hunts cross. 

There is also a major bus stop with lines to the city centre, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and neighbouring boroughs. 

The average price of a 3 bedroom semi-detached house is around £325,000.

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Areas of Liverpool to avoid

You might have noticed that most good and recommended places are located in the South of Liverpool. This is because the North actually has predominantly more dangerous, rougher and poorer areas that people need to be careful around. This may be based on statistics, of course, and opinions of people who live in the South. However, we cannot ignore those statistics that rate places like:

  • Kirby;
  • Walton;
  • Everton;
  • Kirkdale;
  • Vauxhall;
  • and more.

to be towns with a higher crime rate.

Streets with a high crime rate

  1. The area between Wood Street and Slater Street – more than 50 reports of crime for one month that include sexual assault, arson, robbery and drug-related charges. 
  2. The area of Lord Street around Dorans Ln – around 46 reports per month, mostly including robbery due to the busy shops and high traffic. 
  3. Fleet Street, between Roe Alley and Concert Street – approximately 39 reports per month including robbery, blackmail, pickpocketing and minor physical assaults. 
  4. Church Street, Tarleton Street and Basnet Street – mostly shoplifting because of the high foot traffic and the many, not well-guarded shops. 
  5. Roscoe Pl – around 27 reports to the police every month that include burglary, anti-social behaviour, drugs and attempts for sexual assault.

However, we feel the need to mention that Liverpool is a very popular area, with thousands of people passing through each day. Taking into account all the shops and licensed businesses, the numbers mentioned above are actually not that high. The Liverpool police force works each day with the goal of lowering the number of those reports even more and if one is careful enough, no street is that dangerous.


  • We recommend that you spend a couple of days in the area, you have chosen for your new home. Go around the shops and streets to see how you like the general vibe of the region and after that make a careful decision. 
  • You can look around the internet and read the opinions of people who actually live in the regions you are researching, especially if you are thinking about enrolling your children in a school there. 
  • Living in the centre might sound tempting but the house prices compared to those in the outskirts of Liverpool are quite high. It’s better to choose a place that is well-connected but still has the tranquillity of the suburbs.


We hope you found this article about the best places to live in Liverpool enjoyable and most of all useful. You can share your topic related experiences in the comment section below!

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