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Should You Use Sand Infill for Artificial Grass?

should you use sand infill for artificial grass

So, you have taken the decision to embrace the many benefits of having artificial grass. And while you’re thinking of how beautiful life can be, as you don’t have to mow your lawn every Sunday, a question pops up. Can you do anything more to the artificial grass to make it even more durable and prolong its life?

Well, yes, yes you can.

Use sand infill.

And if you don’t know what exactly the process involves or if you’re still wondering whether you should do it or not, keep on reading. In this article, we will break down the pros and cons of using sand infill, explain the different types of material you can use, as well as share some tips and tricks with you on how to install and maintain the sand.


How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation Cost in the UK on Average?

how much does artificial grass cost

Many house owners can agree on one thing, without blinking an eye: One of the most tedious and time-consuming garden maintenance jobs is taking care of the grass. And all for what? As soon as the colder months settle in, your beloved garden turns into a sad brown memory of what it was. But what if we told you that there is a way to keep your lawn looking on point all year round? Two words: Artificial grass.

You may be thinking that all of this sounds pretty good… But how much does artificial grass installation cost? (more…)

How to Lay Artificial Grass

london fake grass installation

Having a nice garden with a beautiful, green, fresh-looking grass area is something every homeowner would like to have. Real grass, though, needs its fair share of weekly maintenance. There are a lot of lawn care tricks you would need to learn, each one of them – specially designed for the many different types of grass, available out there. It takes a lot of knowledge and time, something many of us do not have. That’s why many people consider turning to the affordable and quick solution of installing artificial grass in their yards. In this helpful guide, we will show you all the necessary steps you need to take to do this on your own.

Could Laying New Turf on Old Turf be Successful

laying new turf over old lawn

New homeowners often consider various home improvement task, including relaying their lawn. One of the most common question on gardening forums often is “Is it possible to lay new turf over the existing lawn?”. The other frequently asked question is “Can you lay grass on concrete?“. Well, there are various opinions on the topic and it all depends on whether you want a quick for, or to establish a healthy, lush grass.

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