How to Remove Sellotape Marks from Glass

how to remove sellotape marks from glass
Different occasions may require you to tape something on the windows of your home or office. When doing that, we don’t realise how difficult it will be to remove the sellotape residue from the glass later.

Not only celebrations, but a lot of different occasions may involve taping something on the window surfaces. What’s bad is the longer the tape has been on the window, the harder for you to get rid of it. This is why you may be in a terrible need of help.

This guide on how to remove sellotape marks from glass is for you.

Tools You Need to Remove Sellotape Marks from Glass

  • scrapper;
  • tissues;
  • bucket;
  • window cleaning solution;
  • squeegee;
  • microfibre cloth.

Just a cloth and some detergent won’t save your windows from the sellotape residue. You need the scraper if you want optimal results. There are many types out there, so you better pick up one that is specially designed for windows. Otherwise, you may damage the window surface and once it’s scratched you’ll be very disappointed.

The other tools we have listed are meant for cleaning the windows. After you remove the sellotape marks from the glass you may continue with the whole window surfaces. Removing only the sellotape isn’t enough, because some glue may be left on the window and it will attract new dirt. Thoroughly wash the window and it will be clean for longer.

How to Remove Sellotape Marks From Glass

  • Make a cleaning product to work with. Fill the bucket in with lukewarm water. Add an amount of cleaning detergent by following the instructions of use on the cover. Leave the bucket aside and fill a spray bottle with the product.
  • Apply the cleaning product. Spray the window cleaning solution directly onto the residue. By keeping it wet you’ll remove the sellotape marks easier.
  • Use the scraper. Gently scrape what is left from the sellotape. Be careful, otherwise you may scratch the glass surface. Continue with the scraping until there are no marks. If needed spray window cleaning solution again.
  • Wash the window. Dip a cloth into the bucket and wash the window thoroughly. Take your squeegee and gently swipe the soapy water away. Start with one of the sides and bring the squeegee to the other one. Repeat until the window is completely clean.
  • Dry the window frames. Use the tissues if there is water dripping on the window frames. Leave the glass to dry on its own. Wiping it usually leaves smudges.

More on How to Get Sellotape Marks off Glass

About the detergent

Since glass can be scratched very easily you should be careful with the cleaning materials you pick out. Different cleaning tools are meant to clean different areas of your home and if picked wrong they can cause more damages.

About the sellotape

Different types of sellotape stick and last for a different amount of time. As one can be very easy to remove, another can be way harder to remove. Even the residue may last long after you’ve removed the tape. We suggest you pay attention to the types of sellotape you usually use and pick the one whose marks are easier to remove. It can save you a lot of trouble long term.

About the scraper

We’ve heard people use actual razors to remove sellotape residue from glass, but this can turn terribly bad. Razors are not meant for cleaning and even if it seems like a good idea at first glance, it’s not. They can scratch your windows so bad, that you’ll wish you have never bought them. Better stick to the scraper which is designed specially for scraping things off.

So, this guide on how to remove sellotape residue from glass should do the work. In case there are very stubborn marks we suggest you repeat the steps at least two times. Hopefully, the Fantastic Services team has made your life a little easier.

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Last update: January 18, 2019
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