The Huracan Foundation needs your help to get to Marseille!

Fantastic Services Supports The Huracan Foundation

Once upon a time, the Huracan football team was a normal Sunday league team. Named, after an Argentinian club called Atletico Huracan, things started to get interesting when in 2010, the fans of the real team started to follow them on Facebook. 5,000 Facebook fans later and a visit to Argentina and they decided over a shared passion for football, to start up the Huracan Foundation. (more…)

It’s an Exit for the UK

Rune Sovndahl on Brexit

The dust has settled and the UK is now starting to realise the epic impact of the BREXIT vote. What the outcome of the vote really means, no one is 100% certain, however, Rune Sovndahl, CEO and Co-Founder of Fantastic Services, has been here once before. Before the outcome of the vote, he explained to Agency Central, the recruitment agency directory, his thoughts on the EU referendum and the possible impact an exit vote could have. (more…)

Ready, Set, Relax with Urban Massage

urban massage

Feeling a little stiff lately? Regardless of what your answer might be, we all have the urge of going to a SPA centre that has affordable prices. Why go to one when you can bring it to your doorstep? Specially for you, our Fantastic readers, we have partnered up with Urban Massage. With their app, you will get massaged in the comfort of your own home. (more…)

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