Don’t be the Office Grinch this Holiday Season

Don't be an Office Grinch

Were you one of the 1 in 4 that missed out on a Christmas party last year? According to a survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) a quarter of organisations decided not to give their teams a party. This was a bit of a blow to some, as over half of the people surveyed said that the Christmas party was a highlight of their working year. The research also said companies that did have a party, expected employees to either pay part of, or the entire price of the evening. (more…)

Fantastic Services Helps Mum of Two in Need


Good deeds begin at home and this month Fantastic Services made the news again for lending a helping hand to a mum in need. We were featured in the Warrington Guardian coming to the rescue of Anne Nunn, mother-of- two who was having problems with an out-of-control garden. She described the garden as a serious health hazard to her and her family. Unfortunately, it was in such terrible condition that her children were unable to play outside for fear of injury. (more…)