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Who Pays for End of Tenancy Cleaning

If the time has come for you to leave your rented place, then you must be wondering how to do it with as few hiccups as possible. One thing that makes the endeavour tense is the obligatory end of tenancy cleaning. Every landlord wants their property to be in top shape once their tenant leaves, so they could offer it to their next person.

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If you are someone who:

  • Is moving out of their rented place;
  • Wants their deposit money back;
  • Searches for information about end of tenancy cleaning;

Then, keep reading. This article is for you!

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

An end of tenancy clean is a collection of deep cleaning tasks that must be performed once a tenant moves out of a rented property. In the last days of tenancy, the landlord will perform an inspection and if they deem the place clean enough, they will return the tenant’s deposit money. The end of tenancy clean is a part of every tenancy agreement, so make sure to check what your contract states about it.

An end of tenancy clean can also be provided by a cleaning company. For a one-time fee, you could pay a professional cleaning team who will make your property shine for your landlord’s inspection and guarantee your deposit money back.

However, there are reasons why you shouldn’t hire a domestic cleaner for an end of tenancy clean, as they will prioritise what to clean within the time scheduled. In terms of pricing, it doesn’t matter how much time the clean will take, as the service is not hourly-based.

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Who has to clean the property?

There are different types of contracts, but the standard is that the end of tenancy clean is the tenant’s responsibility. The property must be left at the same level of cleanliness as the day the tenant moved in. Most contracts don’t state how this must be achieved, so the tenant can decide on their own.

However, other contracts state exclusively that the end of tenancy clean should be performed by a professional cleaning team. In this case, you have no choice but to hire. If you’re not obliged to hire a company and decide to clean by yourself, you need the move-in inventory report. You can use it as a checklist to make sure that every task is done for your landlord’s inspection.

Who pays for end of tenancy cleaning?

The tenant. There is no case that would leave this responsibility to the landlord. Unless the tenant has packed their bags and left without notice, which is a breach of the tenancy agreement. In that case, the landlord will keep the deposit money and use it for a deep clean of the property.

If you decide to clean by yourself, to save money, you’ll have to pay for the cleaning products and equipment. This is a good choice if your rented property is small and in generally good condition.

However, bear in mind that if you have a carpet, you have to pay for steam cleaning. And if you have an oven, you have to pay for a very strong and pricey detergent that breaks down grease. Don’t forget to wear protective gear when cleaning the oven!

If you’ve chosen to do the cleaning yourself, you’ll need to set yourself a day to do a full in-depth clean. The property will need to be given back to the landlord as you were given it, which in most cases means it should be completely spotless!

Our end of tenancy cleaning checklist is here to help, however, which will help when cleaning room from room.

If you don’t have time to clean by yourself, or you don’t want to, you can hire an end of tenancy cleaning team instead. For a one-time fee, the cleaners will do everything your property needs to put a smile on your landlord’s face. The cleaning team will give you a deposit return guarantee.

Also, if your landlord is not satisfied with the job, you can call the cleaners for a free re-clean in three days time.

Hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company

The one-time fee a professional cleaning team would ask of you cannot compare to the full deposit money you will receive from your landlord. So, if you have decided to rely on professional cleaners, why not opt for Fantastic Services? Our cleaners are always ready to help out!

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  • A proper end of tenancy deep clean is the only way a tenant can get their deposit money back;
  • the tenant is financially responsible for the end of tenancy clean, no matter if they decide to clean by themselves or hire a company;
  • A professional end of tenancy cleaning company guarantees your deposit money back.


Have you ever had to book an end of tenancy cleaner when moving out? Did you get your full deposit money back? Tell us in the comments!

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