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Common Zanussi Appliance Error Codes

Zanussi error codes are displayed in one of two ways. In appliances with an electronic display panel, a code number will be shown. In other models a flashing LED light will signal that there is an error, counting the flashes will tell you the number of the error code.

The most common fault codes you could encounter signify a simple fault that has a simple solution like cleaning the filters but others could signify electronic faults and you’ll definitely need to contact a professional Zanussi appliance repair.

This article is for you if:

  • you own a Zanussi dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer;
  • your appliance is displaying a code or the LED light is flashing in a pattern;
  • you want to understand more about Zanussi appliances fault codes.

Common Zanussi dishwasher error codes

Zanussi dishwasher error codes are displayed by flashing indicator lights or a fault code number on the display panel. They will give you some idea of where the fault lies. There are two common codes that indicate issues that you may be able to check out further yourself.

  • i10 – Water supply error
    Inlet valve faulty or clogged inlet filter – Turn on a tap to confirm you have a supply to the house, check the tap to the dishwasher itself to make sure that hasn’t been partly or totally turned off. If you’re using another appliance that’s also using water, your washing machine for instance your supply may be inadequate to fill both at once. Check that the inlet hose isn’t twisted and the inlet filter is clean. If this doesn’t solve the mystery it’s time to contact Zanussi dishwasher engineer.
  • i20 – Drain issue
    Faulty or blocked drain pump – If your kitchen sink is also draining slowly the problem may be in your main waste pipe. Get that unblocked before calling an engineer for the dishwasher. Assuming that’s not the issue check that the drain hose isn’t kinked and that the dishwasher filter isn’t blocked.

Most other Zanussi dishwasher error codes indicate more complex faults, you’ll most likely need an engineer to resolve them. The meanings of some common Zanussi dishwasher fault codes are listed below.

  • i70 – Temperature sensor fault
  • i80 – Control module fault
  • i90 – Software issue
  • iA0 – Sprinkler faulty
  • ib0 – Turbidity sensor fault
  • iC0 – Communication error between the control panel and the control board
  • id0 – Motor or tachogenerator fault
  • iF0 – Clogged filter or excessive amount of foam detected

These codes relate to the most common models of Zanussi dishwashers. Other models may have different error notifications. If you’re calling a professional in, be sure to tell them both what code is being displayed and what model of appliance you have.

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Common Zanussi washing machine fault codes

It’s dismaying when a machine you rely on suddenly stops working. There’s always a reason though and when you take a look at the display panel you’ll see one of the Zanussi washing machine error codes which will give you some indication as to what that reason is.

Zanussi washing machine fault codes are mainly intended to aid engineers in troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair. Sometimes however the code indicates a fault you can resolve yourself like:

  • E11 – Water filling issue
    Before you call an engineer check to make sure that you have a water supply to the house, that the supply to the machine is switched on and that the inlet hose is correctly attached and not blocked or kinked.
  • E21 / E22 – Draining issue
    Check to see if your Zanussi washing machines filter is not dirty or blocked if not, than next thing to check should be if the waste pipe is blocked. As with dishwashers, if your sink is also draining slowly there may be a problem with your main waste pipe. Beyond this, it’s most likely that the drain pump is faulty and will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • E40 to E45 – Faults with the door mechanisms
    Sometimes opening the door, removing anything impeding the latch and closing it again will clear the fault. Some times this error might occur if the latch is broken and your washing machine door wouldn’t open at all . Other times the fault code relates to a faulty lock or a defect in the wiring, circuitry or control panel. You’ll want a professional to fix those.
  • EF5 -Unbalanced load
    This one’s easy! Open the machine and rebalance the load. This can happen if you remove items that could soak alot of water or are initialy much heavier than the other items that you are washing. Simply remove them and let the cycle finish then put them back in the washing machine seperately.
  • EF2 – Too much detergent detected
    You may need to run an empty cycle to clear the detergent. Check that you’re using a solution recommended for your appliance and check the recommended amount.

The rest of the common Zanussi washing machine fault codes relate to issues that you’ll definitely need a professional Zanussi washing machine repair to remedy. Some of the common ones are listed below:

  • E13 – Water leak detected
  • E23 – Drain pump error
    This could be a possible reason to why is your Zanussi washing machine not spinning.
  • E31 – Pressure switch fault
  • E32 – Pressure switch calibration issue
  • E35 – Water overflow
  • E38 – Pressure chamber blocked
  • 3A – Heater sensor error
  • E51 / E52 / E53 – Motor fault
  • E61 – Heating system fault
  • E62 – Overheating detected
  • E66 / E68 – Heating element fault or bad wiring
  • E91 / E92 – Internal communication error
  • EC1 – Solenoid valve blocked
  • ED2 / ED3 – Heating element fault
  • EH1 / EH2 / EH3 – Power supply fault

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Common Zanussi tumble dryer fault codes

Zanussi tumble dryers offer high performance and great energy efficiency. Depending on your needs you can choose options such as a large drum to dry a larger amount of laundry in one cycle and dryers with programs designed to reduce creasing and make it easier to iron your clothes.

As with any appliance, issues can occur. Most Zanussi tumble dryer error codes relate to faults that will need to be repaired by an engineer. One exception to be aware of is the E45 fault code. This relates to a door sensor error code, open the door and close it a few times just to make certain that the door didn’t simply fail to catch.

Below you will find the list of the most common Zanussi dryer error codes and the kind of issues they relate to. Make sure to provide the code and the exact model of your dryer when you contact Zanussi tumble dryer repairman this could save you both time and money.

  • E21 – Canister fill pump triac fault
  • E22/E31 – Electronic board fault
  • E32 – Faulty wiring, worn motor brushes, electronic board fault
  • E51 – Motor power triac short-circuit fault
  • E52 – Motor overheating
  • E53 – Motor circuit fault
  • E54 – Motor fault
  • E61 – Heater fault
  • E62 – Heater relay fault
  • E62/E64 – Thermostat or heater fault
  • E65 – Fan mootor triac error
  • E66 – Fan motor overheating
  • E67 – CRM board fault
  • E71 – NTC1 sensor error
  • E72 – NTC2 sensor error
  • EA1 – CRM board fault
  • EA2 – CRM software issue

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Error codes are not a certain diagnose and mostly point to which component is failing instead of the reason why. For any error or fault code that shows a failure in an electrical component, it’s always advised to seek a professional Zanussi appliance repair service from certified and experienced technicians.


  • Zanussi fault codes are intended primarily to assist engineers in locating a fault;
  • Sometimes an appliance error code can lead you to a simple issue you can resolve yourself;
  • If in doubt, call an engineer – Fantastic Services will be delighted to assist.


Do you have a Zanussi appliance displaying an error code not listed above?Tell us about it and we’ll give you more information about where the fault lies.

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