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A Fantastic House Cleaning Schedule for Homeowners

Ah, schedules – definitely not the most fun human creation. However, they can actually give us time for more enjoyable things like hobbies, for example. And this rule applies especially to cleaning tasks. So, if you happen to be someone that… 

Table of Contents:
  • has a hard time creating a regular cleaning habit;
  • wants to stop procrastinating;
  • just wishes for a tidier home. 

You are at the right place.

Why do we need a house cleaning schedule?

The answer is really simple – you create a habit. If you have a schedule that you follow, you’ll develop a cleaning habit and as time passes, you won’t feel the need to follow it. Also, by putting your chores into a list, you’ll have a fairly tidy house at all times and reduce significantly the “OH MY GOD, I’M HAVING FRIENDS OVER! MUST. CLEAN. NOW.” moments, which we all just “love”.

If you’re looking to do a more thorough, or deep clean, you might be interested in our Spring cleaning checklist, which will be your guide when cleaning room to room.

Daily cleaning schedule

Devil’s in the details, and by details, we mean the messy bed you leave every morning before work. Here is what you need to do on the daily to have a tidier home:

  • Fold and put away clean clothes. We know it’s tedious, but it’s necessary. If you make a habit of folding your clean clothes every day, you won’t have to go through a mountain of socks and jeans at the end of the week. 
  • Throw away the trash. Let’s face it – we all forget to do it.
  • Wash the dishes right after eating. Wash one plate now, so you don’t have to do 10 tomorrow.
  • Wipe the kitchen counters after using them. No crumbs. No mess. No pests. 
  • Tidy up. Put away that book. Fluff the pillows. Remove that tiny cobweb.
  • Make your bed in the morning. Just do it. 

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Weekly cleaning schedule

Your weekly schedule will involve cleaning items and areas around your home that you use throughout the week and require a bit more attention.

  • Vacuum and mop everywhere. And do it while listening to Queen.
  • Dust all surfaces, frames, and fixtures. Do this after vacuuming, so you don’t have to dust everything twice. 
  • Do the laundry. Turn on the washer and continue with your other scheduled tasks. 
  • Clean all the sinks in the house. Kitchen, bathroom, second bathroom – basically every single sink in the property.
  • Clean the cooker top. Dried up spaghetti sauce and grease spots are never a pleasant sight. 
  • Remove old or expired food from the fridge. Unless you are trying to figure out if that old banana will grow legs and run away on its own. This should be part of your weekly kitchen cleaning checklist too! 
  • Disinfect the toilet. We don’t need to go into details – you know the drill. 
  • Polish all mirrors. A good trick to remove all spots is to use scrunched up newspaper and a regular window cleaning product. 
  • Change your bedsheets. Um, you just have to?
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Monthly cleaning schedule

So, we won’t lie – your monthly cleaning schedule is going to be the most… full.

  • Wash the windows. Both on the inside and out (if possible).
  • Wipe the doors. Use furniture cleaning wipes to save some time.
  • Vacuum the soft furniture. You won’t believe the amount of dust, cat hair, and money you’ll find in between your sofa cushions.
  • Disinfect the trash bin. Caution: It’s not going to smell nice. 
  • Clean the oven. Believe us, there is nothing like getting your brownies out of the oven and having them smell like fish.
  • Remove mould and limescale from the bathroom. Oh, we have an article for that. 
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator. For that one, as well

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  • Make a psychical list of your chores and keep it on a visible stop. As times passes, you’ll see how you won’t need to reference it as much. 
  • Remember: if you clean one thing today, you won’t have to clean two things tomorrow. 
  • Don’t feel bad if you skip something on your list – it’s not the end of the world.


Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below! 

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