How to Get Dents out of a Carpet

Removing and preventing furniture dents on carpets
So you’ve decided that it’s time to do a bit of rearranging in your living room. You move your sofa and what do you find underneath it? A DENT! And that’s no ordinary dent that you’ve found, but a furniture indentation on your beautiful carpet. Before you abort the makeover mission and hide the ugly sight under the sofa again, hear us out:

There is a way to remove dents from your carpeting.

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For your convenience, we have gathered all the required information on how to get marks out of a carpet from heavy furniture and compressed it in this helpful guide.

Why do I get dents on my carpet?

The explanation is really simple: When you leave a piece of heavy furniture on your carpet for a longer period of time, the weight of the item deforms the fibres of the rug. The more time your sofa, for example, spends sitting on top of your carpeting, the deeper and more pronounced the marks get. Rest assured, the dents aren’t irreversible.

How can I fix the carpet myself?

Depending on the material it’s made of, each carpet type requires different dent removing methods. What works for synthetic floor covering may not help a rug with natural fibres. Before we get into the actual tips, remember to check the carpet’s label to determine its type. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a few techniques to try out:

How to get dents out of a synthetic carpets

Did you know that you can restore your carpet by using ice cubes to get rid of the dents? Follow these steps to remove marks from a synthetic rug:

  1. Move the furniture, so you can treat the dents. You can’t fix something you can’t see.
  2. Protect the subfloor, especially if it’s wooden (not applicable for wall-to-wall carpeting) by spreading out some towels or a few old pieces of cloth under the dented areas on which you are going to work. They will soak up the excess water from the melting ice cubes.
  3. Fill the indentations with ice cubes. As they melt away, the marked areas will absorb the moisture. This way, the dents get swollen up by the water and will eventually go away. Of course, like with all carpet cleaning or maintenance solutions out there, make sure to do a spot-test first, so you can see how the fibre’s colour reacts to the liquid.
  4. Leave the ice to do it’s magic overnight or for at least a couple of hours. The carpet fibres need time to absorb the water and puff up.
  5. Remove the leftover moisture by blotting the treated areas with a clean piece of cloth. You won’t be able to get the rug 100% dry, but you need to remove some of the water either way. To leave your carpet soaking wet is never a good idea.
  6. Fluff the carpet fibres using your fingers or a small brush. Once you are done, there shouldn’t be a trace left from the old furniture marks. That’s it, we have answered the question of how to get dents out of a carpet with ice cubes.

Common synthetic carpet fibres include polyester, nylon and olefin.

How to remove dents from a natural fibres carpet

The most effective and safe way to remove indentations from a natural-fibre rug is with the help of steam. Again, don’t forget to double-check the carpet’s label, so you can determine the material type you are dealing with. Here is how to get rid of furniture marks on carpets made out of natural fibres:

  1. Move all furniture that is located on the dented area of the rug. Put some towels under the rug, if possible, to protect your floor from the moisture.
  2. Get out your steam iron and fill it up with water. Next, place it on the highest heat setting and wait for the appliance to reach the right temperature. After the iron is ready, apply steam to the area. Make sure to hold the appliance at a reasonable distance (around 10 to 15cm). Continue to steam the dented parts until the fibres get wet and hot. Don’t stick the iron directly on the carpet.
  3. After you’ve moistened the area, let it dry overnight and ruffle the fibres in the morning to restore their initial shape.

If you don’t own a steam iron, don’t worry. Here is what to do:

  1.  Spray the indentations on the carpet with some water. After you’ve moistened the dents, get a hair dryer, put it on high and blast the wet area. Make sure to hold the hair dryer at a good distance, away from the rug, somewhere between 10 to 15cm. Continue to apply heat until the carpet’s surface gets warm.
  2. Apply more heat if you are dealing with a really stubborn dent on your carpeting. Get yourself a tea towel, soak it in some warm water, squeeze out the excess liquid and cover the mark with it. Pull out the iron again and set it on medium. After you’ve given it some time to heat up, run the appliance over the towel and apply slight pressure. Once you are done, remove the iron and let the treated area dry overnight.
  3. Fluff the fibres to restore them by using your fingers, so the fibre strands can stand up and take shape.

Common natural carpet fibres include wool, sisal, and cotton.

If you are looking for more carpet maintenance and cleaning tips, read our dedicated post on the topic. It’ll show you how to clean your carpet and walk you through all important maintenance steps to keep your item looking fresh.

Get rid of the dents by using a professional carpet cleaning service

If you don’t find the idea of preparing towels, playing with irons, hair dryers and all that other jazz appealing, just get a professional carpet cleaner to remove the dents for you. We, at Fantastic Services, offer an effective carpet cleaning service that will not only get rid of any furniture marks, but will also leave your rug looking and feeling like brand new. We are talking about the most efficient and long-lasting cleaning method right now – hot water extraction. This treatment can restore the original condition of any heavily soiled carpet, while removing all sorts of existing furniture marks and dents. Here is how the whole process goes:

  • First, the carpet cleaning expert deep cleans your carpeting with a professional, high-grade machine.
  • To dislodge all dirt particles in between the carpet fibres, the technician ejects pressurised water, mixed with a special detergent into the rug.
  • While ejecting the water, a powerful attachment sucks the excess moisture from the carpeting, along with all of the dirt build-up.
  • What you are left with is a completely clean and dent-free carpet that is nearly 95% dry.

Learn more about the different carpet cleaning methods and see how you can book a service.


How to prevent carpet dents from furniture

As you can see for yourself, dealing with carpet indentations isn’t a fun way to spend your time, that’s why prevention is key. Below, we have listed a few tricks that you can try out, in order to prevent rug dents:

Invest in carpet pads

Carpet pads have two major benefits – they make your rug even more comfortable and soft to walk on and they serve as a prevention method against dents. The pads help create an extra layer under the carpet that absorbs the pressure from the furniture, thus, eliminating the chances of marks, appearing in the first place.

Make sure to choose the type of pad, depending on the sort of rug you own. For example, a regular pad should have a thickness of between 6.3 and 11 mm and a density around 2.7 kg per cubic foot.

Use protective cups

This product is self-explanatory – carpet cups are small plate-like objects that you put under the legs of your furniture to protect your carpet. They distribute the weight of the furniture evenly across the rug pile, so it doesn’t get indented. The protectors don’t need any sort of installation, you just have to place them in between the furniture’s legs and the carpeting. You can find this product, made from plastic or wood, so you can choose one that’ll compliment the piece of furniture.

Make sure to move your furniture regularly

As we mentioned earlier, carpeting marks form from the weight of the furniture, located on top of the rug. The easiest way to prevent indentations in your carpeting is by moving the furniture on a regular basis. Move the items about 2.5 cm every other month to eliminate the chances of dents forming. The only downside to this method is that it’s not that convenient if you have heavy and bulky furniture pieces.

Buy a rug with a shorter pile

If you don’t feel like rearranging your room every month, you can always get yourself a carpet with a short pile. These types of rugs are overall low maintenance and don’t suffer from furniture marks that easily.


  • Different carpet materials require different dent-removal methods.
  • You need to be extra careful when using the steam iron technique, so you don’t damage your carpet.
  • Make sure to lay towels under your rug, if you can, when using the ice cube method. This way your wooden floor won’t swell up.
  • Carpeting with a shorter pile doesn’t get furniture marks that easily.
  • Protective cups are a good and long-term solution against potential indentations.


We hope you found this article on how to get dents out of carpets informative and most importantly – helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter in the comment section below.

No matter of the cleaning method, remember to always do a small spot test on hidden part of your carpet. Depending on the size, nature, and age of the stain, some of them might be impossible to remove. We cannot take responsibility if any of the above-mentioned methods do not work on your carpets. Read our disclaimer here.

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