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How to Permanently Get Rid of New Mattress Smell

Getting a new mattress is often an exciting endeavour. After researching the best mattresses, measuring each one’s comfort, you finally choose one. But when you get it home, finally open the box, that new mattress smell assaults you. And you’ll notice; it doesn’t leave quickly.

Thankfully, there are various methods to make sure that smell is gone for good, all of which is detailed in this handy article!

So, if you:

  • Recently got a new bed and now want to get rid of the smell.
  • Are wondering how to remove it yourself.
  • Want to find out how to speed up the entire process.

Then, keep reading!

Why does my new mattress smell?

New mattresses are delivered rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a box, so there is no airflow through the package. This makes the smell inside highly concentrated and that’s why it’s so pungent once you unpack it. But what actually causes this terrible odour?

The release of the new mattress smell is a process named off-gassing and you can notice this in packaged furniture too, like carpets. It’s caused by a breakdown of some of the materials used in the mattress manufacturing process.

They are called volatile organic chemicals – VOCs and are unstable substances. This means that they break down easily and rapidly under specific conditions. In this case, they start breaking down after having contact with the air in your home. VOCs are released as gases, which create an unpleasant smell.

What chemicals do new mattresses release?

The mattress foam and adhesive elements are the main components that contain VOCs. But exactly what chemicals they release varies from mattress to mattress. Usually, benzene, toluene chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and formaldehyde are the ones that are always present.

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How to get rid of the new mattress smell

We know you can’t wait to snuggle and get comfortable on your new mattress. So, let’s focus on what you can do to remove the unpleasant odour that puts you off.

1. Unpack your mattress outside of your home

If your mattress is still sitting unpacked, consider opening it in your garage or garden. Then, leave it in your garage for a few days to let it release the VOCs. This is an effective way to protect your bedroom and house from chemical emissions.

2. Open the new mattress in a well-ventilated area

When you can’t avoid opening the mattress inside of your house, make sure to ventilate the room where you unpack it. To do that, open the windows and leave the doors open. This way you create airflow and improve the ventilation, which speeds up the off-gassing process.

Worried about the gases spreading to other rooms and leaving a smell there, too? There is no need to be anxious. Thanks to the ventilation, the gases concentration dissipates, making them less pungent.

3. Use a fan or a humidifier

This step is optional, but if you want the off-gassing to go even faster, placing a fan or a humidifier in the room where the new mattress is, will definitely contribute. An air-purifier aids the ventilation process, too.

4. Apply an enzyme spray

Enzyme sprays were initially meant to remove body odours from the mattress, such as the smell of urine or sweat. But they do a great job in fighting a variety of smells, including the chemical new mattress smell too. 

Simply spray the enzyme mist on the mattress surface, following the manufacturer instructions. It’s a good idea to test a small patch before, so you can make sure that the spray doesn’t stain your brand-new mattress.

5. Use baking soda

A natural alternative to fighting the bad off-gassing smell is using a mixture of water and baking soda. Baking soda is excellent for reducing odours in the fridge, and it combats the off-gassing odour the same way.

Place a few bowls containing five parts water and one part baking soda. Leave these around the room where the mattress is, or sprinkle some baking soda straight onto the mattress. Leave the bowls for a couple of days to let the mixture catch and neutralise the odour.

6. Try charcoal

Similar to baking soda, charcoal works great for absorbing and offsetting unpleasant smells. Place bowls of activated charcoal or use charcoal briquettes under the bed to ensure it absorbs the chemical odour. Be careful when working with charcoal because it can stain surfaces.

7. Get a mattress wrap

If you want to use your new mattress immediately and not wait until the smell fades away, consider covering the mattress with a wrap. These products are usually strong enough to keep the gases inside and protect you from breathing in the chemicals. The mattress covers block ventilation, however. Once you take off the wrap, the strong chemical odour is still there.

Is the new mattress smell still bothering you? Learn more about the benefits of our professional mattress cleaning service and how it can help you enjoy an odour-free mattress.

Is the new mattress smell harmful to health?

VOCs are emitted by mattresses and a range of household products alongside cleaning sprays, paints, moth repellents, dry-cleaned clothes, and hobby supplies. Exposure to low levels of the chemicals is considered harmless. Most people don’t experience any side effects from off-gassing. Some do complain of nausea, headaches, dizziness and nose and can irritate the nose and throat as a result of the new mattress smell. These problems usually fade with the odour disappearing.

There are some long-term health effects caused by VOC emissions that are more serious. They include increased cancer risk and can damage the liver, kidneys and nervous system. However, quality experts advise letting your new mattress off-gas in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside of your house. This reduces the chances of severe health effects.

How long does the new mattress smell last?

The length of the off-gassing period depends on many factors – the type of mattress, the density of the foam inside of it, the way the mattress is packaged, and the exact chemicals it contains. The odour is most potent the in first two days. Then, it starts to reduce gradually – by about 25% a day. After approximately 5-6 days, the new mattress smell should be gone entirely. Some mattresses take a few days to a couple of weeks to remove the scent. 

Book professional mattress cleaning

If you are still uncertain about handling the new mattress odour on your own, check out our expert mattress cleaning services.

At Fantastic Services, we offer licenced specialists trained to eliminate a range of powerful odours from mattresses, including off-gassing smell, and we guarantee long-lasting results. Booking a mattress cleaning appointment is easier than ever with our app or online form on our website. 

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  • The smell is from off-gassing, a breakdown of materials used within the manufacturing process.
  • You may experience some headaches or nausea, but symptoms will usually go away with the smell.
  • Improve ventilation to remove new mattress smell. Open windows, doors and use humidifiers to speed up the process.


Hopefully, we were able to help you get rid of that pesky smell. For any questions, or some tips of your own, leave a comment with us below!

Image source: Shutterstock/ mdbildes

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