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Our company’s generosity is evident across all its platforms. Offering discounted services and providing special offers to our members are just some of the things we are known for. Are you looking to find information on specials or deals? What new partnerships have been formed and with whom? What do these new partnerships mean for you as the client and how can you benefit from this? Where can I get the latest company news? For these and other topics, you’ve come to the right page, as we guide you through our latest endeavours, offers, partnerships, sponsorships and more. Read all about it below.

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  • Share £30 with a friend! That’s Fantastic!

    It's time to up the ante. Normally, you and your friend each get £10 credit when you use the Fantastic Referral Programme. That's a decent £20 of FREE home services. But what if each of you could get an extra £5 credit on top? Simply by doing exactly the same thing you normally do? This month with Fantastic Services, you can! Get money off home cleaning, gardening… that handyman service you've been putting off - anything you need. Because up until 30th October you get £15 credit for each friend you refer instead of the usual £10. Get three friends on board and with our current offer you can get three hours of home cleaning for free! And remember - each friend gets £15 discount too. (more…)

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  • Save more. Save often. Get free stuff with the Fantastic membership program!

    Save £150 every year? Sign me up for the Fantastic Club! More than 13 000 people have signed up to join the Fantastic Club since it launched only one year ago. That's over 1000 every month! £150 is just the start too. Planning to use regular home cleaning or a one-off cleaning service? Your savings will average £190. Some Fantastic members have even reached the £1000 savings mark... (more…)

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  • Have You Heard of Perkbox? Free Perks For Your Team?

      If you're a business leader and you haven't heard of incentive-magnifier Perkbox, it's time to do a little digging. And with Fantastic Services' new partnership with the ingenious staff engagement platform, there's never been a better time to do it. (more…)

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  • Travel + Epic = Trepic? #FantasticWorldTour!

    What is a "Trepic" when it's at home? For Brett Nottle and Solène Abauzit, it used to be the title of the document on which they planned their around the world travel dream. Now it's a fully realised journey plan featuring seven continents, one sturdy custom 4x4 and two intrepid adventurers who are being sponsored to take on the Antarctic and Siberian winter amongst other sights and challenges. It's sure to be a fantastic trip. Which means it only makes sense for them to have a certain sponsor. (more…)

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  • Meet the Pros: Katya

    Welcome to Meet the Pros series, where we introduce you to our franchise partners and people of the trade. It's been a while since we talked about our cleaning sector, so we are getting right on with it. Meet Katya, who's been with us for over six years and has a story to tell you as to why, a cleaning franchise is the right choice. (more…)

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