How to Clean Polyester Upholstery

upholstery cleaning technician cleaning polyester sofa

Every type of fabric has its specific cleaning requirements. Polyester makes no exception. The material is widely used in interior design because of its advantages and availability. If you have any sort of furnishing that contains polyester it is best to correctly inform yourself on the materials exact washing specifications so you can maintain its good condition for a longer time. (more…)

How Pure Water Window Cleaning Works

pure water droplets on glass window

The advancement of science and technology revolutionised every area of our lives, the way we spend our time and the way we work.

At the same time a quiet revolution in the window cleaning business started with the introduction of pure water systems. But what exactly is pure water and how it changed something as straightforward as window cleaning? Let’s dig deeper into this topic.


How to Master Drought-Resistant Gardening

drought resistant garden

With the climate changing, globally and in the UK, comes the need for adopting a different approach, regarding resource preservation, sustainable food production or renewable energy generation, for instance. And gardening, be it for food growing or to create an aesthetic environment for ourselves, is no exception. British people, especially in the South, are more and more interested in creating drought-proof gardens, which can withstand the longer and hotter summers that the country experiences every five to ten years. (more…)

How to Water Plants in the Garden

how to water your plants in the garden

Oh, look, it’s raining. Again. Your Sunday picnic plans got ruined. Again. But wait, don’t just let some vitamin D deficiency let you down. Here is an idea:  why not curl up with a nice cup of tea, next to a window, so you can watch your beautiful garden? Such a wonderful sight to behold, isn’t it? But as you know, the pleasure to experience such a sensation comes with its price. You need to invest a lot of time and attention in your own personal Eden. (more…)

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