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Or how to make cleaning feel like less of a chore.

How to Deal with Oven Cleaner Fumes

oven products smoke fumes

Oven cleaning us a necessary but tedious task. It involves scrubbing, wiping, mumbling curses under your nose and trying to get rid of that last bit of oven cleaner residue all the way at the back. And when it comes to detergents and cleaning products, they often carry a stigma that they are extremely toxic and do more harm than good. Is that really true?

7 Ways to Remove Tea Stains from Carpet

How to remove tea stains from carpet naturally

Ah, tea. You, wonderful concoction of warmth, energy, and love. What would we do without you? Thoughts like these quickly disappear, as soon as your dog decides to run through the coffee table and relocate this wonderful liquid from your cups to the carpet. One second you are enjoying the afternoon and the other, you are in a state of aftershock. Not only the tea is gone but it’s on the carpet, as well. Luckily and just as easy, you can pour another cup and you can also clean the stain with the tips and tricks, we have prepared for you.

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