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How to Remove Grease Stains Out of a Carpet

How to get cooking grease out of carpet

Everybody and their grandmothers love to chill in front of the TV with a nice big greasy slice of pizza or with a bucket of fried chicken. The problem is that the activity can turn really fast from enjoyable and relaxing to a complete nightmare. Why? Imagine dropping a chicken nugget on your carpet. Wasted food is a heartache on its own but we are talking about another type of damage here: the leftover grease stain.

The 10 Most Popular Window Styles in the UK [An Illustrated Guide]

Popular types of windows in UK

Do you get confused by the multitude of window styles and struggle to understand what’s the difference between all of them? Or do you need to find out which type of window is best for you and what are the pros and cons of each design? For your convenience, we have created a special illustrated guide with the 10 most popular window types in the UK.  We also added some cleaning tips from our Fantastic window cleaners, so you can make the right choice for your home.

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