How Technology Is Changing The Domestic Services Industry: Rune Writes For IT Portal

how technology is chaning the domestic services

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we are all aware of how technology is embedded in our lives – from morning to night we search, watch, read, flick, swipe, chat and buy on one or a whole selection of devices.

For companies across the globe, technology often is at the heart of business development and a key driver of innovation. (more…)

What Decisions Does UK Business Face


With the first Brexit Referendum anniversary approaching, it appears that there is still a sense of uncertainty about what the UK’s divorce from the EU will actually entail. And so up and down the country, people and businesses alike are beginning to brace for the next few years ahead. Elite Magazine explored some concerns troubling the Franchise sector.

This is a topic very close to our hearts and at the forefront of Rune Sovndahl, founder and CEO of Fantastic Services’ mind. The company’s story began in 2009 with 2 members, Rune and Anton Skarlatov with a shared vision to revolutionize the domestic services business. Fantastic Services has continued to grow and now works with over 300 successful franchising partners across the UK. (more…)

How Music and Dancing Help You Do Your Chores Better

music cleaning dancing
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Household chores are an unavoidable and unending part of our lives. Very few of us enjoy cleaning and some even try to avoid it completely. But have you ever noticed that you finish more chores when you are happy? Well, researchers from Harvard Medical School did.

After completing a behavioural study of almost 30,000 people, the research team found that the majority of them were far more likely to take care of necessary, but boring, tasks when in a good mood. It may seem odd that we tend to seek out a happiness-destroying activity, such as housework when we wake up in a good mood. However, the authors of the study believe that this could be one way in which our brain can ensure that these unwelcome jobs get done. (more…)

Cooking, Crafting, Getting in Shape – How to Spend Your Free Time in London

things to do in london instead of chores

Since time immemorial, food has been a focal point of our society – from people gathering to enjoy a meal together to it being a source of comfort during some of our lowest moments. So, it should come as no surprise that London has long since become home to some of the most exciting culinary adventures you can get your hands on in the UK.

But with the average Briton spending up to 21 hours per week doing housework, there is often not enough time left to attend all these interesting events and cooking lessons. Finding classes and events, which suit your interests and tastes, can also prove to be quite the challenge due to the city’s sheer size and the number of courses being offered.

This is where Fantastic Services and Tabl can swoop in to save the day! (more…)