Clean Freak or Slovenly Slob

clean freak or slovenly slob
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Is How Clean is Your House the bible you swear by? Or is cleaning the last thing on your agenda, even if you have nothing else planned for the weekend? Emma Pietras, with the help of our cleaning master Stoyan Stoyanov, has put a quiz together, published in the Daily Mirror, that will help you answer this existential question.


Transform Your Bedroom From Cluttered Chaos To Serene Retreat

how to clean and declutter bedroom
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It’s one of those things that we put off to a later date, which very often doesn’t come. But experts say that the one room you should organise and declutter is the bedroom.
This makes sense, for your boudoir should be where you can take refuge in at the end of a long day. A chaotic bedroom can make you feel wired and tired whereas a clean and uncluttered room makes for an atmosphere of relaxation and most importantly, a happy home.

Fantastic Services CEO, Rune Sovndahl, is pretty much always on the go and thoroughly grasps how vital a good night’s rest can be for both our physical and psychological well-being. Our company is now the leading domestic services and home maintenance provider across the UK and Australia, and well, that couldn’t have been achieved had he been sleep deprived. (more…)

Free Carpet Cleaning for Ronald McDonald House Charities

charity carpet cleaning for Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a “home away from home” for families with children in hospital far from home. This helps families keep some element of normalcy in their lives at incredibly difficult times – a brilliant idea and a great charity.

So when Ronald McDonald House Evelina London signaled that they were looking for a little help from local companies, Fantastic Services jumped right in to provide some free carpet cleaning.